The Guardian of Galaxy, Coffee and Us


Our mutual friend set us up. Then in the name of friendship I agreed to meet you.
You waited for me with two tickets of Guardian of Galaxy and two cups of coffee. I came just in time. You were nice and didn’t talk much and I kinda like that.
We had this feeling, butterfly in our stomach. Then suddenly everyone in town was disappeared but us. We fell in love. It was real. You met my family. Then I met yours. It was perfect until one day I felt you were too much. I wanted a little break to think it over. I needed time to be alone. You couldn’t stand it, you were upset and had this bad thought about me. You might think it was an excuse to run. Well in fact I really needed to be alone, nothing more.
Apparently, you also asked my dear friend to set you up with her little sister. I didn’t know the real story though, about you and her. I didn’t know who to believe, you or my friend. Next thing I knew, you had an affair with her when I said I wanted to be alone for a while.

Surabi Arab
You said that your parents prefer her to me because she was a midwife. Ok, but you didn’t want to let me go either. Especially after you realized that I loved you too.

Somehow, silly us, we smiled at each other again. Pretended that everything was fine and you would break up with her and we would be alright again. Everything was beautiful again, even more. We were so in love.

Not long after that, you were gone. No text, no call, no chat, no explanation.

Thank you

I was angry, mad, upset at that time. I hated you so much, I still remembered that. Somehow, life must go on. Love comes and goes. You are settled down, I met someone else.

You, thank you for being nice to me. Thank you for everything. Thank you for letting me know what love is, what broken heart is. Thank you for our riding to my friend’s wedding, do you still remember that? It was the last time we were together. I was so in love with you back then. Be good to her. You will I know. Hope everything okay with you.

Now I’m settled down too. So you don’t have to worry. I am okay and happy and madly in love with him.

Thank you. Now we’re friends. Take care your family, love them dearly.





Islam bukan agama yg didapat dari proses perenungan orang hebat, ‘alim dan suci, tapi islam adalah aturan makhluk langit yg sudah melekat berbarengan dengan proses penciptaan alam dalam skenario agung sang Mutlaq untuk peran manusia sebagai pema’mur alam semesta, demikian pula Yahudi & Nasrani.
Proses pengkristalan aturan langit, melalui manusia-manusia pilihan adalah keniscayaan mengingat gravitasi bumi begitu kuat untuk melupakan keabadian langit, bukankah ba’da para solihin selalu muncul tokoh-tokoh dan ajaran yg menyimpang dari keharusannya? Dan bahkan dianggap menjadi agama pembawa keselamatan?
Dinamika sosial manusia menjurus kepada keterbatasan gerak pemikiran untuk terpuasinya akal, keterbatasan kenyamanan hati dan ketidakyakinan bahwa Muhammad bin Abdullah penyempurna Isa anak Maryam, Musa, dan para solihin lainnya.
(allahumma sholli ‘ala Muhammad wa ‘ala ali Muhammad kama shollaeta ‘ala Ibrohim wa ‘ala ali Ibrohim)

-Abah Hafidz-