Othello, a Summary


By William Shakespeare



One night in some place in Venice, Iago and Roderigo see that Othello married with Desdemona. Iago does not like Othello the Moor because Othello prefer Cassio than him to be his lieutenant. Iago wants to destroy Othello’s life. Iago uses his mind as his weapon. He knows that Roderigo loves Desdemona very much. So, he asks Rodrigo to report that marriage to Desdemona’s father, Barbantio. Barbantio does not like to give his daughter to Othello. At the first, Barbantio does not believe to Roderigo and Iago but soon he finds that his beloved daughter does not in her room, she is missing. Barbantio brings Othello to the Duke and accuses him of using spells and potions to marry Desdemona. He asks the duke to arrested Othello. But his effort does not mean anything, he can not prove what has he said and finally he blesses their marriage. As the consequence he does not want to confess Desdemona as his daughter again.

The Duke says that Turkish fleet is sailing toward Cyprus and he asks Othello to go defend it, Desdemona comes with him. Othello asks Iago to follow him to Cyprus and take care of Desdemona. On the other side Roderigo complains to Iago that he has lost Desdemona since Othello has married her. Iago says that Desdemona will again become available if Roderigo sells his lands and fight in war. Roderigo agrees and gives all his money to Iago hoping Desdemona will love him. Actually, Iago just needs the money for his terrible planning destroying Othello’s life.

In Cyprus, Othello fights and defends. He is the winner. Montano reports that a tempest has droned the Turkish fleet, effectively eliminating their threat. Cassio arrives, then Iago, his wife Emilia, and Desdemona and lastly Othello.

Hiding Iago says to Roderigo that he believes that Desdemona is in love with Cassio based on their flirting before Othello arrived. He convinces Roderigo to pick a fight with Cassio. He tries to makes Cassio in trouble.

After supper, Othello and Desdemona get to bed. Iago persuades Cassio to drink and it makes Cassio gets drunk. Cassio loses his control, he fights with Roderigo. Montano tries to separate them but unfortunately Montano gets hurt by Roderigo. Othello comes, breaks it up and says that Cassio no longer his lieutenant. Iago is happy with it. Then Iago pretend to cheers Cassio up and persuades him to ask Desdemona to solve his trouble.

Iago tells Othello his suspiciousness about relation between Cassio and Desdemona. Othello doubt about it, but after Iago says that Iago saw Cassio wipe his face with Desdemona’s handkerchief, Othello gets angry. The handkerchief is given to Desdemona by Othello as his first gift for his lovely lover. Othello asks Desdemona to show the handkerchief and she can not show it because it lost, it was stolen by Emilia. Emilia gave it to Iago, Iago put it in Cassio’s room.

Othello becomes mad, his jealousness blinds his heart. He decides to kill Desdemona and asks Iago to kill Cassio. Iago wants to prove what has he said then orders Othello to hide while he will talk to Cassio and make Cassio confesses about his affair with Desdemona. Actually, Iago speaks about Bianca, Cassio’s lover, to Cassio. Othello also looks when Bianca appears and angrily throwing the handkerchief at Cassio, accusing him of getting it from another girl.

Desdemona does not understand his husband, he is so different. Othello asks Emilia about Desdemona’s honesty. Although Emilia says that Desdemona is honest but Othello dos not believe it. Separately Roderigo asks Iago’s promise to help him get Desdemona. Iago says that if he kills Cassio, he will be able to have Desdemona.

When night comes, Roderigo tries to kill Cassio, Iago then kills Roderigo. Cassio still alive, Roderigo died. In his chamber Othello tries to kill Desdemona. Even though he is still admires her beautiful, he despites her pleading, he smothers her with a pillow. Desdemona is dying then Emilia knocks the door. Emilia hears that Desdemona cries for help. Emilia tries to help her but it is too late, she died. Emilia explains Othello that the handkerchief was stolen by her, Othello regrets.

Montano, Gratiano, and Iago appear. Emilia accuses Iago of being a liar. Angrily Iago kills Emilia, Othello then attacks Iago. Finally Othello kills himself and lies beside his lovely wife, Desdemona.

—the end—



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