The Rocking-Horse Winner by D. H. Lawrence (Summary)

There was a mother who seemed to feel bitterness and disappointment about her family life. Even though she had bonny children and lived in a pleasant house with discreet servants, she always thought that she was unlucky woman. This because she and her husband had small income and thus could not cover their expensive life style. This beautiful mother needed more money, there must be more money. So the house came t be haunted by the whisper that nobody could hear it but the mother and the children even the dolls. The whisper said, there must be more money, there must be more money! it repeated all the time.
One day Paul, her little boy, asked her about luck and she said that it was what caused someone to have money. Paul thought he was a lucky one, riding his rocking-horse and asked God for luck. A miracle came, God gave him what he whished for. He seemed to know about the racing horse, what horse that would win in the race appeared in his head. He asked Bassett, a gardener, to help him put money in the race. So they became a partner. The first race they failed, but after that they always won.
When Uncle Oscar visited this family, he saw that his nephew who was Paul mentioned about horsing race. Paul told Uncle Oscar that he could be sure about the horse that would win the race. At the first the uncle could not believe Paul, so he asked Bassett and finally figured out that it was a true. Uncle Oscar asked Paul about the money he got from the race, “what will you do with the money, Paul?” Paul answered “I will give them all to mother, I want to stop the whisper in our house”. So they, Paul, Bassett, and Uncle Oscar kept the secret of Paul’s gift.
Uncle Oscar helped Paul to manage the money. He came to the lawyer’s family and gave the money then the lawyer told Paul’s mother to take this money, a thousand pounds in her birthday, five times. The lawyer said the money came from her relative. The day of the mother’s birthday came, she got the letter that mentioned about the money. But strangely, she seemed unhappy about it. The mother came to the lawyer and she wanted to take all money, five thousand pounds. The lawyer asked for agreement from Uncle Oscar who also asked Paul for the agreement, and Paul said yes.
When the mother got the money, she bought everything she needed. But something terrible happened, the whisper went mad, it became louder than ever: “ There must be more money! Oh-oh-h-h: there must be more money, oh now, now-w!-more than ever! More than ever!”. Paul afraid about it, he did not like the whisper, he wanted the whisper went away from his house.
While the whisper became mad, Paul seemed to lose his magic. He could not know weather which horse would win the race and he had lost some money for it. Paul became mad as the whisper. One time he rode the rocking-horse, asking God for the answer, he tried it over and over again, suddenly he screamed “ Malabar, Malabar!” and the following days he was sick, staying at the bad all the time. Bassett came visited him and said that Malabar won, he had won the race! Finally, Paul woke up and said to his mother that he was really a lucky person but unfortunately he died that night. Leaving his mother with some mystery of her boy. But then Uncle Oscar said to his sister that Paul was best gone out of a life where he rides his rocking-horse to find a winner.
This story reminds us of stories about wishes coming true, or about a magic gift that turned out to be mixed blessing, or may be a curse. It also described a critical picture in of upper middle-class society in the early twentieth century. We can take some moral messages in this rocking-horse story. Thus are, be careful what you wish for because you just might  get it all and some you do not want to, and always be a thankful person.


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